Wayne Furno, Willie Viljoen and Frenchman Stephane Bottalico decided to put their talents together to create a product that would get the tongues wagging. So Wayne with the butchery, Willie with the recipes and spices and Stephanne with the traditional French market experience started to produce 100% meat deli sausages in August 2008 on the farm Firmoral in Gordons Bay. As the farm belongs to Rudi, a German gentleman, they decided to name their business Rudi’s Sausage Deli.


Rudi’s specialises in speciality sausages made according to the world’s traditional recipes, especially Argentine, French, German, Italian and Spanish style sausages. None of the ingredients or spices used in the manufacture of these sausages contains any preservatives or M.S.G. No additives to create bulk like Soya, Rusk or potato starch is used and Rudi’s prides itself on the 100% meat content of the sausages. All the spices are hand mixed and only home grown herbs are used. No pre-packed sausage spice packs are used. Rudi’s uses different wines, spicy traditional wines, ports and vinegars to add flavour and act as a preservative in the sausage. Some of the recipes require the sausages to be smoked. These are smoked in a large smoker using Apple or Oak Wine vat shavings, thereby lending their own flavour to the sausages. Sausages that need to be cured, such as German Salami or Chorizo sausages, are placed in a large temperature and humidity controlled cellar under the butchery. There they can cure from 1 week to up to 6 months.


A variety of meat is used in the sausages. From home grown Pork, Lamb and free range

Beef to organic game meats such as Springbok, Eland, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Ostrich and Wild Goose is used. Combinations are put together that compliment the meat and spices used. Anything from Wild boar, Sun dried Tomato and Mozzarella cheese to Ollies Signature boerewors with beef and Balsamic Vinegar can be found at the slow markets.


Each Saturday at the Stellenbosch and Willowbridge Slow Food market is a journey to different countries or just a combination of Rudi’s client’s favourite sausages for all to taste and buy. Our regular selection at the market is Ollie’s boerewors, Leupold Garlic boerewors, Argentine Chorizo, Portuguese Chorizo, French Toulouse and Italian Salciccia. The rest of the selection is a surprise and there can be anything from 10 to 17 different types of sausage for sale at one time.


Rudi’s sausages can also be purchased directly from the butchery on Thursday afternoons or Fridays during business hours. Requests for specific types of sausages can also be made with Rudi’s, or you are welcome to supply us with any traditional recipe and we will manufacture that sausage for you.


Come and join us and taste a new experience in sausage


Wayne Furno 082 874 9811 – Willowbridge Slow Food Market

Jacky Furno 082 877 0774 – Willowbridge Slow Food Market

Willie Viljoen 082 325 1347 – Stellenbosch Slow Food Market

Stephane Bottalico 079 137 8351 – Stellenbosch Slow Food Market




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